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These items are being offered for sale under the auspice of the Slim Dusty Foundation, which guarantees the authenticity of these products.

All items Australian Made.

Postage and Handling can be combined for multiple items.

Phone 1800 18 SLIM 1800 18 7546 to order by Credit Card, Money Order or Cheque.

For International Orders Please Call 61265626533 or email


The Very Best Of Slim Dusty0001.jpg


The Very Best of Slim Dusty...The Video. Featuring 22 songs, mini documentary on VHS including historic footage, previously unreleased video, exclusive interviews with Slim Dusty & footage of Slim's family homestead.

$25.00 plus P&H




The Slim Dusty Movie0001.jpg


The Slim Dusty Movie - The Man Who Is Australia...The Story...The Music.
"An incredibly graphic film on VHS which embraces a vast cross section of Australian is made with a simplicity which is most eloquently captured." Australian Film 1978-1992 Oxford University Press.

$25.00 plus P&H






The Slim Dusty Family LIVE
DVD footage of the historic final show of the 2008 Slim Dusty family Reunion Tour featuring previously unseen Slim Dusty footage and photographs, family tributes to Slim Dusty. Also including Slim’s legendary Travelling Country Band plus special guest Amos Morris.

$30.00 plus P&H



The Slim Dusty Family Reunion - This CD features songs by Slim Dusty & the Slim Dusty Family including the grandchildren who toured East Coast Australia in 2008 promoting the album.
How Good It Is
Road Dreamin'
Resting Place
Old Purple
Took His Saddle Home
Pick It Up And Pass It On
Too Many Memories
Sunburnt People
Keep On Rolling (The Song)
High, Wide And Handsome
The Dreamer
Middle Of The Road
Family Reunion
From There To Now

$25.00 plus P&H


Slim Dusty Classics0001.jpg

The Dusty Classics, CD Featuring 12 Tracks.
The Sunlander
Mother (with Joy McKean)
The Rain Still Tumbles Down
Lonesome Road Of Tears
King Bundawaal
Since The Bushland Boogie Came This Way
Harry The Breaker
Walkin' On My Way
A Little Girl Dressed In Blue
The Nature Of Man
Gumtrees By The Roadside
Roaring Wheels

$20.00 plus P&H


West Of Winton0001.jpg

West of Winton, CD Featuring 15 Tracks.
Waltzing Matilda
West Of Winton
Saddle Up And Ride
The Vanishing Breed
The Old Saddle
Truthful Fella
Old Scobie
Back With The Show Again
Finney's Home Brew
The Shearer's Story
Old Dingo
Happy Anniversary
Ham And Eggs
Sassafras Gap
Dan The Wreck

$20.00 plus P&H


Neon City0001.jpg

Neon City, CDFeaturing 12 Tracks.
Gotta Keep Moving
My Old Midnight Special (And ME)
Neon City
Sally (The Girl On Channel 8)
I'm Thankful
White Line
Old Kentucky Rig
The World's Last Truck Drivin' Man
Old Dingo
Blue Pacific Rig
I Knew Your Father Real Well

$20.00 plus P&H


Slim Dusty & Anne Kirkpatrick0001.jpg

Slim Dusty & Anne Kirkpatrick
Travellin' Still...Always Will, CD Featuring 13 Tracks.
End Of The Bitumen
Travellin' Still...Always Will
Tracks I Left Behind
Man On The Side Of The Road
Just An Old Cattle Dog
Belt And Buckled
Bonner (The Quiet Achiever)
You And My Old Guitar
I Wonder If The Creeks Are Flowing Still
Claypan Boogie
Taking On What's Next!
The Men Who Try And Try

$25.00 plus P&H


Slim Dusty Sings Joy mcKean0001.jpg

Slim Dusty Sings Joy McKean, CD Featuring 14 Tracks.
Lights On The Hill
The Front Row
Grandfather Johnson
Walk A Country Mile
Ghosts Of The Golden Mile
D Towards The Head
Indian Pacific
Cattlemen From The High Plains
Kelly's Offsider
Nulla Creek
Angel Of Goulburn Hill
The Biggest Disappointment
Our Wedding Waltz

$20.00 plus P&H


Looking Forward Looking Back0001.jpg

Looking Forward Looking Back, CD Featuring 15 Tracks.
Looking Forward Looking Back
Never Was At All
There's A Rainbow Over The Rock
Matilda No More
The Bloke Who Serves The Beer
Paddy William
Clean Up Our Own Backyard
Old Time Country Songs
A Bad Day's Fishing
Port Augusta
Good Heavens Above
Hooks & Ride
Keela Valley Coal
Memories And Dreams
Looking Forward Looking Back (Reprise)

$25.00 plus P&H


People and Places0001.jpg

People and Places, CD Featuring 12 Tracks.
Song Of The Macleay
Down At Charley Gray's
Keela Valley
The Old Woolshed Do
Middleton's Rouseabout
Game As Ned Kelly
The Land Of Lots Of Time
Old Bushmates Of Mine
Mad Jack's Cockatoo
Cosy Inn
Charley Gray's Barn Dance

$20.00 plus P&H


Lights On The Hill0001.jpg

Lights on the Hill, CD Featuring 12 Tracks.
Pushin' Time
The Home Run
Worst In The World
Foggy Mirrors
Ridin' This Road
Lights On The Hill
Bent-Axle Bob
There Lies A Workhorse
Truckin's In My Blood
A Truckie's Last Will And Testament
Hear 'Em Go

$20.00 plus P&H


Live Into The 90s0001.jpg

Live into the 90's, CD Featuring 18 Tracks.
G'Day G'Day
I'm Going Back Again To Yarrawonga
The Flying Doctor's Ball
Things Are Not The Same On The Land
Lace-Up Shoes
Catching Yellow Belly (In The Old Barcoo)
When The Currawongs Come Down
Aussie Doghouse Blues
To Whom It May Concern
Been A Fool Too Long
That'll Do Me
Three Hundred Horses
High, Dry And Homeless
I'm Still Here To Give It My Best
Yodel Medley
Lights On The Hill
Losin' My Blues Tonight

$25.00 plus P&H


Glory Bound Train0001.jpg

Glory Bound Train, CD Featuring 12 Tracks.
Glory Bound Train
Ten Golden Rules
Bye And Bye
Calvary Hill
Wingin' My Way Back Home
That's The Kind Of Religion For Me
Precious Lord
What The Man Said
Joybells In Your Heart
It's Worth It
The Softest Touch In Town
Heaven Country Style

$20.00 plus P&H


The Nature of Man0001.jpg

The Nature of Man, CD Featuring 12 Tracks.
High, Wide And Handsome
When You're Short Of A Smoke
Keep The Lovelight Shining (With Joy McKean)
How Will I Go With Him Mate
Love's Game Of Let's Pretend
To A Mate
I Love You Best Of All (With Joy McKean)
When You're Short Of A Quid
Old Love Letters
The Nature Of Man
Our Wedding Waltz (With Joy McKean)
I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke

$15.00 plus P&H




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