This Saturday is "Slim Dusty Day" and the Slim Dusty Foundation is inviting everyone to celebrate on Slim's Birthday of June 13.

Dr David Kirkpatrick, Slim Dusty Foundation Chairman and the son of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean, reflected on what this annual day of celebration means to him personally.

"To me the day represents an opportunity to reflect on our love for the Australian landscape in all its forms, and the people who love living here — from all walks of life and backgrounds. Slim provides a focus in his music for people to connect to the spirit of the bush and to feel part of something bigger."

The very first Slim Dusty Day was celebrated at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey in 2012, and has reached the heights of collective support from the stars of Australian Country Music.

Patron of the Slim Dusty Foundation, Lee Kernaghan OAM, originally led the way in mustering support throughout Australia for people to celebrate an annual Slim Dusty Day.

"In the steps of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson, Slim Dusty embedded our culture and heritage into history. For over half a century Slim touched our hearts and minds through the music he made and the life he lived. National Slim Dusty Day is a way for all Australians to come together to celebrate our musical heritage, the people’s King of Country and the everyday Australian's who make our country great."

The Slim Dusty Centre and Museum in Kempsey, is set to officially open to the public in October this year.

This Saturday, the Slim Dusty Centre will open its doors and celebrate Slim Dusty Day with tours of the building, and a special temporary exhibition that will display photography and museum objects from the collection, focussing on the highlights and achievements of Slim Dusty and his musical career.

There will also be a DVD screening of the 2004 tribute concert, Concert for Slim, featuring some of Australia's top country music artists.

Visitors to the Centre will enjoy live entertainment from some of the Macleay Valley's local musicians. A sausage sizzle and raffle will run for the day, with Slim Dusty merchandise available for sale.

Entry will be by gold coin donation. Slim Dusty Day will be held between 10am and 3pm at the Slim Dusty Centre: 490 Macleay Valley Way, Kempsey. For all enquiries call 6562 6533 or 1800 18SLIM.

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6th Annual Slim Dusty
Community Mateship & Youth Awards Gala Dinner

Winners Announced

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The Slim Dusty Centre project is an exciting initiative, which will be a fitting tribute to celebrate and commemorate Australian Icon and Country Music legend, Slim Dusty AO MBE, in his birthplace of Kempsey, New South Wales. The Slim Dusty Centre will be a world class centre, of national significance, depicting the life and achievements of Slim and the way in which his music has reflected the changing face of Australia. The first stage of the Slim Dusty Centre will be an exciting and innovative museum, café/dining area and museum shop. In November 2005, the Honourable Tony Kelly, MLC, Minister for Lands, made the exciting announcement of the new site for the Slim Dusty Centre, being 12.08 hectares of Crown Land on the Pacific Highway at South Kempsey.

This site has been enhanced by an additional 5 acres of land secured by the Foundation in January 2007, to provide optimum highway frontage and increased exposure for the Centre. Currently, the project has entered a very exciting phase. The new design on the fresh site has developed into an inspiring creation, that in itself, will become a National Icon.

From here, it is a relatively short journey to the famous Pub With No Beer at Taylor 's Arm, and as a package, these destinations will create an inspiring and fulfilling tourist experience.

Slim, his wife Joy McKean OAM, and their family, have always been steadfast in their commitment to the project, both personally and financially, with Slim being intimately involved throughout the planning and approval process, until his sad passing on the 19th of September, 2003, which ultimately deeply affected the entire country, with waves of condolences from throughout the nation and indeed, the world.

"Joy and I look forward to the eventual opening of a venture that will showcase not just my music and my life, but the role that Australian Country Music has played in the culture of the North Coast of NSW, and indeed, Australia.

I believe too, that it will be of great benefit to the town of Kempsey and the district of the Macleay Valley."

Slim Dusty AO MBE - January 2003


Establishment of the Slim Dusty Centre will be a fulfillment of a long held, though distant, dream. Slim and I have always wanted a home for the memorabilia of a lifetime spent on the road throughout the length and breadth of a country we both love. We have always hoped, too, for every person who hears our music to understand the real Australia , and the Australians whose lives we have tried to put into song. Hopefully, the Slim Dusty Centre will provide an insight into this Australia of ours; will be a centre of pride to the Macleay Valley; will be a living example of everything that makes this nation unique to the world. A huge wish, but one that I believe we can accomplish. I see it as a friendly celebration of Slim’s long career, his wonderful music and how our songs have constantly reflected the changing face of urban and outback Australia. I also see it as something embodying Slim’s special, personal feelings for the Macleay Valley.

Joy McKean OAM
Songwriter & Performer

Chair Slim Dusty Foundation

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