History of the Slim Dusty Centre


The initial impetus for the construction of a museum highlighting the career of Slim Dusty came from the Macleay business community. Slim and Joy were approached and gave their wholehearted support to the concept. In 2001 the Slim Dusty Museum Trust fund was incorporated and fund raising began in earnest. Over the next ten years funds were received from the Federal and NSW State government as well many benefactors and public donations. The Slim Dusty Foundation Board members worked tirelessly over this time to raise funds, design the new building and ensure the new Centre would not only be a showcase for Slim and Joy’s memorabilia but provide a building that could be used by the local community for civic and cultural functions. 

Construction of the building was completed in 2011, however it took another 4 years for the family to raise sufficient funds through personal resources to mount the Slim Dusty Museum and open the centre officially. The Slim Dusty Centre was formally opened in October 2015 by the Kirkpatrick family and the Slim Dusty Foundation.

In December 2022, the foundation passed the Slim Dusty Centre onto the Kempsey Shire Council for the purpose of becoming a civic and cultural centre for the people of the Macleay as had been envisaged in the initial trust deed. 

 “Joy and I look forward to the eventual opening of a venture that will showcase not just my music and my life, but the role that Australian country music has played in the culture of the north coast of NSW, and indeed, Australia … I believe too that it will be of great benefit to the town of Kempsey and the district of the Macleay Valley." (Slim, 2003). 

The Slim Dusty family remain fully committed to the sentiments expressed by Slim and, along with the members of the Slim Dusty Board, look forward to many years of ongoing prosperity and cooperation with the Kempsey Shire Council.

Donations to the Foundation  

If you would like to donate to the Slim Dusty Foundation, please contact at info@slimdustyfoundation.com

Please note the foundation is a separate entity to the Slim Dusty Centre which is owned by Kempsey Shire Council.